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Monday, August 13, 2007
id's Steve Nix Discusses Tech 5 & Epic Competition
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

GamesIndustry BIZ recently posted a new interview with id Software's Steven Nix about the company's latest Tech 5 game engine. The interview covers the new engine's strengths, developer reaction, and the impact of competition from Epic's Unreal Tournament 3 engine.

Last night Todd made a very impassioned claim for the engine. He called it "another option", and people will assume he meant "besides Unreal Engine 3". How do they compare?

SN: I don't spend much time looking at Epic's current offering or what their product line is - we've always just done our own thing at id, so we don't spend too much time thinking about them.

When we look at the competitive landscape, of course Epic's frequently mentioned, and you have other sort-of pure rendering solutions and they have some tools too, but the other competitor we have is people who do in-house development, so if people want to start a multi-platform game they ask themselves - should they adapt and alter technology? Should they write their own technology? So there are a number of competitors in the marketplace, but clearly no one has our virtualised texture solution with MegaTexture, and I'm not aware of anyone who runs as cleanly as we do out of the gate across the platforms - especially not the Mac.

We have the PS3, the 360, the PC and the Mac all running at a very high frame-rate - basically all running at 60fps right now - and what's really unique is that when an artist builds an asset they don't know what they're building it for. They build the exact same model, the exact same level, and it doesn't matter what platform they're putting it on. That's a huge breakthrough. A lot of times you'd have your PS3-optimised assets, your Xbox-optimised assets, your PC-optimised assets, and at the end of the project you'd do this ugly Mac port. If not an ugly PC port. We think that the fact developers can cleanly simultaneously develop all four platforms is a huge change.
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Archives  News  id's Steve Nix Discusses Tech 5 & Epic Competition