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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

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The Broken Hourglass: Born In Fire And Water
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Planewalker Games has posted a new informational update for its upcoming RPG, The Broken Hourglass. This time Planewalker takes readers on a trip back to the beginnings of the game's world and explores some of the origin myths popular to the creatures populating Tolmira.

The world began with Fire and Water, primal forces of creation. Together they conspired to create the world and everything in it, beginning with the lesser gods who mortals worship today. In all things they were of one mind, until they forged what was to be their final creation: Man. Humanity was unique in its ability to worship--to recognize its creators and revere them. Both believed they should be revered above the other, though their parts in creation had been equal, but they also knew they could not fight amongst themselves for such a conflict would destroy all they wrought. They decided instead to allow the newborn race of man to choose for itself which god would be worshipped above all--or so it seemed.

Water, ever shifting and treacherous, was unwilling to leave things to chance, and so he stole from his counterpart the Fires of Creation and gave them to humanity to win their favor. Infuriated beyond all reason by this betrayal, Fire took to the sky, fleeing to the opposite end of the world. Without the heat of fire to warm him, Water froze solid--along with all that was left upon the world, including what remained of the humans. Locked within the ice, the fires of creation dimmed within them. Realizing his error, Water gathered what he could of his own frozen essence and departed the world as well in search of his lost companion. Fire saw this and believed he had come to quench her, and began to flee. Water, desperate to make amends, chased after. So it has continued ever since, and so the Moon has always chased the Sun.
To read more of the creation mythology of The Broken Hourglass head over to the site listed below.

The Broken Hourglass: Tolmiran Creation Myth
The Broken Hourglass

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