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Monday, July 23, 2007
StarCraft II: Banshee & Cobra Revealed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

SCLegacy has posted translations from a Korean website which reveal two new Terran units currently planned for the upcoming StarCraft II. The Banshee, a powerful bomber with cloaking, and the Cobra, a ground unit capable of shooting while moving with its twin rail-gun. The website also offers tidbits about returning favorites such as the Terran Battlecruiser and Ghost.

The First Page shows us a few familiar images, including some very snazzy concept art of the Reaper , but what the Second Page shows is the real paydirt: Here we clearly see the new Terran aircraft from the Artwork trailer, along with a Reaper and a new ground unit. The Aircraft is the Terran Banshee , a powerful bomber with cloaking, and the ground unit is the Cobra, armed with a twin rail-gun and able to shoot while moving! The Ghost also has new skills: Snipe, and another thing which cannot be properly translated. The Battlecrusier now has a "plasma" ability against ground targets. The Reaper also has an apparent "deploy mine", and the mighty Thor will not be built at a building, but instead built by a SCV.

The Third Page provides us with a Tech-Center , which is an add-on to any Terran unit manufacturer, Barracks, Factory or Starport, to allow advanced unit construction, as well as the Reactor , which lets you build more than one unit be built at once! We're also introduced to the Sensor Dome and the Radar Dome , both of which detect enemies, but the Sensor Dome detects over a wider area even as it lets enemies know which areas it is watching, allowing smart opponents to avoid its sight.

The article also mentiones that the Siege Tank got its awaited graphical revamp, but we will only see it at BlizzCon .
Click on the site below to read the rest, and head over to Blizzplanet for a collection of images of the new Terran units.

SC Legacy
Blizzplanet: Banshee And Cobra
Blizzard Entertainment
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