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Friday, July 20, 2007
Armageddon Empires Released For PC, Mac Version Coming Soon
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Independent developer Cryptic Comet recently released the PC version of Armageddon Empires, a turn based strategy game set on a post-apocalyptic earth ravaged by an alien war. The game features hexagonal maps in 3 sizes, 4 playable factions with unique units, art, and playing styles, over 75 faction heroes to lead armies into battle, and more than 200 unique units to command.

In the year 2025 human civilization makes first contact with not one but two alien civilizations. The Machine Empire and the Xenopods have been enemies locked in a death struggle for over 10,000 years. As the battle for control of the solar system and the earth rages with unimaginable fury, neither group pays the insignificant natives of the planet much attention. Within a month of first contact, 99% of the human race is exterminated by thermonuclear fire, kinetic weapons strikes, genetically engineered plague and starvation. The survivors scurry like cockroaches to stay out of the aliens’ way. A little over 20 years later the fighting stops as suddenly as it started. A shift in the tide of battle moves the front to other star systems and all that remains on the devastated planet are scattered groups of human survivors and the abandoned remnants of the aliens’ fighting forces. They have been left to fend for themselves until the system can be reoccupied and the stranded units withdrawn. The earth smolders like an ash heap and the once blue green jewel of the solar system has been transformed into a brown scorched wasteland.

That was 300 years ago.

Now you must take charge of one of four factions and build a pocket empire on the bones and burning metallic hulks of your enemies. Gather resources, deploy armies, and crush your foes without mercy. Only then can you rule the wasteland!
A post on the Cryptic Comet blog reveals that a Mac version of the game is in testing and is planned for release at the end of July.

Click on the links below for more information.

Armageddon Empires
Forgoteen Lore: Cryptic Comet Blog
Cryptic Comet

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Archives  News  Armageddon Empires Released For PC, Mac Version Coming Soon