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Wednesday, November 29, 2000
Volition on Red Faction Release Dates
8:36 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

VoodooExtreme spotted a thread in the message boards for Red Faction, discussing why the game would be released first for the Playstation 2. Originally, this title was going to be simultaneously released for PS2, PC and Mac. Now it appears that Volition is taking the same path they did with Summoner: release first for the PS2, then add features for the Mac and PC versions. Here's the post from Volition's Mike Breault:

THQ decided they wanted the PS2 version to come out first. And we're adding a bunch more multiplayer functionality to the PC version, so it'll take a little longer.
In another thread, he offers more clarification:
Expect the PS2 version before April (Q1 2001) and the PC version 1-2 months later.
While not entirely surprising, this does push back the game's release date. We're betting Mac users will see Red Faction very early next Summer -- a disappointment for those eager to play this title, but the sting is lessened by the knowledge that the delay will be spent adding new features.

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