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Wednesday, November 29, 2000

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WC3 and D2X Previews, Part 2
12:15 PM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story has posted the second part of their huge previews of Blizzard's Diablo 2 expansion pack and their upcoming real-time strategy title Warcraft III. This 18-page long preview of both games contains a wealth of information, especially for Warcraft III.

They have also some exclusive screen shots of Warcraft III, revealing this full-3D title in action. They list many details on the characters and 'races' which will populate this game, including the all-important Hero character class. Here's an excerpt:

The heroes have undergone a number of changes since Warcraft III was first announced. At first, Blizzard was going to require that heroes escort regular units into battle (you wouldn't be able to just create a bunch of non-hero units and move around or fight with them), and also have the number of heroes you made directly affect your army's population cap. Blizzard has since scrapped those plans, and instead created other ways to encourage players to use heroes, but not force them into doing it. Warcraft III's lead designer, Rob Pardo, stressed his desire for gamers to actually play with the heroes in Warcraft III, not "hide them in the back of the town" as was the case in Starcraft and Warcraft II.
For more details on the Diablo II expansion pack and Warcraft III, be sure and check out the rest of this preview. Both of these titles are due for simultaneous release on Mac and PC platforms; The Expansion is due early 2001, while WC3 is supposedly due the middle of next year.

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Archives  News  WC3 and D2X Previews, Part 2