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Tuesday, November 28, 2000

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Warcraft III Preview
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Thresh's Firingsquad has written up a nice, nine-page preview of Blizzard's massive upcoming 3D RTS, Warcraft III. They've been given an in-depth demonstration of the game, and provide many details about how it's looking so far. Here's a bit explaining the unit commands and AI:

From what we could see in our demonstration, Warcraft 3 has just as many and possibly more unit commands than Starcraft. You have the standard move, patrol, stand ground, attack, spells, and special abilities. We also saw a Red Cross icon. It may have been a place holder graphic, but one can only wonder what that command that is (we forgot to ask). Can you now tell a unit to go home to heal, or maybe find the closest healer to have himself healed?

Blizzard has also put more work into the movement AI. This may eliminate pathing problems like the one in Starcraft where units had trying to find the shortest distance between a curvy path, or the issue with the attack command in Warcraft 2.

Check out the rest of the preview, too, as it does a good job of detailing the four known races (with the fifth to be announced in a month or so). Warcraft III should be out for the PC late next year, with a Mac version following close by.

Firingsquad Preview of Warcraft III
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