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Thursday, June 7, 2007

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Blizzard Working On New WoW Expansion?
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment has posted a list of "25 Things You Didn't Know About WoW," gleaned from comments by Blizzard Entertainment representatives at the World Wide Invitational tournament in Seoul, South Korea. Among other things the list states that Blizzard is already at work on a new expansion for World of Warcraft, perhaps unsurprising given previous statements on the subject from company representatives.

1. Mike Morhaime, Blizzard President, co-founder, and overall grand high warlord, said something very interesting about WoW. When speaking about the limited projects that Blizzard was capable of working on at the same time, he indicated that there were definitely two that Blizz teams are devoting their time to: Starcraft II and the next WoW expansion. To be honest, I at first thought Mike had made a mistake, and had inadvertently let slip a secret. You see, Blizzard has never officially announced that theyíre working on another WoW expansion.

2. I explored this a bit with a Blizzard representative. He advised me that yes, Blizz is definitely working on a new WoW expansion. A few insights on that topic:

Blizz never made a big announcement about it. They are not, however, treating this with the characteristic Blizzard secrecy. In short, everyone knows itís being made, and they are willing to talk about the fact that itís being made, even though itís unannounced.
They donít expect the expansion to take 18 months to 2 years in the way that The Burning Crusade did. Instead, they are hoping for a much shorter development cycle.
Check out the full list at the link below.

WanderingGoblin: 25 Things You Didnít Know About WoW
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