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Tuesday, June 5, 2007
New Blades of Avernum Scenarios & Vogel Programming Article
6:14 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

The latest updates to the Spiderweb Software news page include the introduction of a handful of new scenarios to the Blades of Avernum "Untried" and "Solid" pages, as well as an interesting article on programming practices penned by Spiderweb's own Jeff Vogel.

New scenarios: Amnesia, Foul Hordes, Frostbite, and Rats Aplenty have been added to the Blades of Avernum Untried page . Also, the scenario Exodus has been added to the Blades of Avernum Solid Page .

-IBM, in its infinite wisdom, asked Jeff Vogel to write an article about programming practices. You might think his ideas are stupid, but that is all right. It doesn't matter that he was stupid. What does matter is that he was paid.

From Six Ways to Write More Comprehensible Code:
I learned to write, clear, maintainable code the hard way. For the last twelve years, I've made my living writing computer games and selling them over the Net using the marketing technique that was once charmingly known as shareware. What this means is that I start with a blank screen, start coding, and, a few tens of thousands of lines of code later, I have something to sell.

This means that, if I make a stinky mess, I'm doing it in my own nest. When I'm chasing down a bug at 3 a.m., staring at a nightmare cloud of spaghetti code, and I say, "Dear God, what idiot child of married cousins wrote this garbage?", the answer to that question is "Me."

So I have been well rewarded by learning about good, sane programming techniques. Some of these practices are described in this article. Many skilled, experienced, morally upright coders will always know some of this stuff by heart. All these people will get from this article is a chance to bathe in my delightful prose style and remember how horrible life was before they got the clean code religion.

But there are many who, like me, stumbled into programming in an unexpected or unusual way and never had anyone drill this stuff into them. These things are basic to many but, to others, they are invaluable techniques that nobody has told them. So, to those who don't want to make a mess, this is for you.

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