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Friday, May 18, 2007
American McGee's Grimm Revealed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

In a recent blog post developer American McGee revealed work on American McGee's Grimm, a new episodic action adventure series coming to Gametap in 2008. The "spiritual sequel" to the unique American Mcgee's Alice, Grimm will feature at least 24 installments.

American McGee's Grimm will be a series of action/adventure episodes comprised of no fewer than 24 installments. American McGee's Grimm will be "a spiritual sequel of sorts" to the first game to bear the American McGee name, American McGee's Alice. Slated to head up writing and serve as executive producer on the project is R.J. Berg, reprising his development roles from American McGee's Alice. "I'm really happy to be once again working on twisted fairy tales," wrote McGee, "and I'm especially excited about having R.J. Berg involved with the project."
Having apparently revealed more than intended American McGee removed the original blog post, saying: "Uh, forget I said anything about the new game. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to let any cats out of any bags just yet. So… nothing to see here. Move along."

More information about the game will be revealed in an upcoming issue of PC Gamer magazine. A summary of the blog revelation is still available from the Shacknews page listed below.

Shacknews: American McGee's Grimm
American McGee Blog

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