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Friday, November 24, 2000

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Mac Team Arena Waits for Apple
10:24 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The demo version of Quake 3 Arena expansion pack Team Arena has been released, but where is the Mac version? According to posts by two id staffers, the reason the Mac version isn't already in your download queue is simple: it requires Apple's OpenGL 1.2.1, which has not been released yet.

id Software is currently waiting for Apple to release the official 1.2.1 release of OpenGL. To find out more about this issue we went straight to the source; we contacted id software's Graeme Devine, Mac fan and advocate. Here was his brief reply:

It's up and running in both 9 and X. Just waiting on Apple for the final
1.2 release of OpenGL!
Apple's OpenGL 1.2.1 has already been 'released' unofficially; it was included with the demo and full versions of Pangea Software's Cro-Mag Rally. However, the actual release of this software to all Mac OS users may depend on the release of Mac OS 9.1, the long-delayed upgrade to the current OS that is supposed to provide a smoother transition to Mac OS X this Spring. Currently there is no firm release date for this free upgrade; however there is the possibility that Apple might release this version of OpenGL separately, as well.

Quake 3 Arena web site
id Software web site
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id Software
Quake III Team Arena
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