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Wednesday, November 22, 2000
Creative Labs on Mac Cards
12:39 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The folks in the MacGamer forums were recently blessed with a post from
Brian Souder of Creative Labs, the company which is bringing their line of sound cards (almost ubiquitous on the PC side) to the Mac OS. In his message, Brian notes their
SoundBlaster LIVE! cards should be available at MacWorld San Francisco in
January, and the cards will be Mac-specific (instead of just writing drivers
for a PC version of the cards). He also says that games will need to be tweaked
to use the OpenAL sound code to see a performance gain, so don't expect all of
your older games to run twice as fast with a card installed. Here's his post:

You will not see a performance gain on the "legacy" games. Games which
are tweaked to use OpenAL should see the performance gain when it
uses the CPU on the sound
card. I will hopefully have more info for you guys in the coming weeks.
Keep your eyes open for information on the release of the Sound Blaster
LIVE! for Macintosh - it should
be available by MacWorld January. It is in Beta testing now, and OpenAL
is being refined. We are working hard to have OpenAL enhanced games
available immediately. Some of
the features may not be available at the 1.0 release, but they will be
added in driver updates which will be free from the Web Site. I'll be at
MacWorld in January so you guys can
get a first hand demo if you come. Who knows - there might even be a
show special! (hint) Make sure you wait for the SB LIVE! Macintosh
version though. We initially told
everyone that you could use the MP3 or X-Gamer cards, but it was
before the release of the 5.1. To keep support calls simple & to make
your installation easier, we have elected to
make a Macintosh specific card. An added bonus is that the software in
the box will be just for Macintosh & will similar to the bundles you see for
the PC versions. I had an extra X-Gamer card I was going to use too,
but I agree with their decision.
Not all new information, but still very good details from Creative on their future plans. We are very anxious
to see what MWSF brings for Mac gamers, and will be there to comb every inch of the show floor for news and reports.

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