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Friday, April 27, 2007

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The Music Of The Burning Crusade
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

A recent interview from Music 4 Games features a conversation with Blizzard Entertainment's Russell Brower about the music of The Burning Crusade. The first expansion for the popular World of Warcraft includes approximately six hours of original music.

M4G: “Lament of the Highborne” is another standout track. Who lends lead vocals? If there’s a commercial soundtrack, might you extend the track into a more full length version?
Russell Brower: The vocalist is Queen Sylvanas Windrunner, or as I affectionately call the group, “Sylvie and the Banshees.”  As I was writing the music for the new blood elf race, I became aware that the music was taking on a lyrical quality, almost as if there should have been words. Inspired by how some of Tolkien’s poems were set to music in the Lord of the Rings films, Derek and I collaborated on setting one of the melodies to words. It was just for fun, really.... But when the vocalist brought so much emotion and context to the performance, we realized we had something special. The quest design team enhanced a new quest line to incorporate the song as a payoff moment. We’re really thrilled with the positive response from our players on this too! Content like this is why I personally love to play the game, because in World of Warcraft, along with the phat loot and epic armor sets, expanded story and music are also worthy rewards for adventurers!

M4G: Can you go into more depth regarding the lyrical message for “Lament of the Highborne”?
Russell Brower: The term “Highborne” denotes this as an ancient song, dating back over 10,000 years in Warcraft history. It was a lament to fallen night elves, and a tribute to those whose bravery remained steadfast against overwhelming odds. The melody hasn’t changed, but the words were altered about 2,800 years ago to reflect the losses the high elves sustained in the Troll Wars. Finally, during the Third War, the song was used again to illustrate the elves' grief during the Scourge invasion of Quel’Thalas. Sylvanas herself died defending Quel’Thalas from the Scourge, and in dying, she failed to protect her people. Today she grieves at this failure still, if we are to believe her claims; even in undeath she is trying to aid the blood elves.
Read the entire interview at the site listed below.

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