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Friday, April 27, 2007

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Darkwind: War On Wheels On Target For May
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 9 comments

Psychic Software has announced that Darkwind: War on Wheels, a 3D cross platform massively multiplayer online wargame, is set to debut officially on May 4th. Set in the blasted remains of a world recovering from apocalypse, Darkwind focuses on racing and vehicle combat using a unique turn based system. Players participate in auto duels for fame and fortune.

As you may know, Darkwind: War on Wheels has been in a period of closed testing for the past few months as we have been integrating and balancing substantial new game features. In addition to our racetrack and arena based racing and combat leagues and ladders, we now also have out-of town travel, multi-player squads, and wilderness battles with NPCs and other player squads.

Three of our towns are now live, with more coming soon. With travel times running to tens of hours, on-the-road piracy and a detailed systems- dynamics based economic simulation, trade is a viable gameplay approach that we have put great effort into making possible. Resource locations, distances, and fluctuating piracy levels (which are tied to actual player activity) all contribute to the supply-and-demand calculations underpinning the economy.
Darkwind requires OS X, an internet connection, and a 32 MB graphics card.

Leading up to the May 4th unveiling subscriptions for the game are being offered at a substantial discount. A free version of the game will be available as well, but will not offer many of the more advanced features available to subscribers.

For more information about the game follow the link below.

Darkwind: War On Wheels

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