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Tuesday, November 21, 2000
Unreal Fortress Build 199 Released
8:14 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Unreal Fortress, the team-based Unreal Tournament mod, has been updated to Build 199 and includes a host of fixes, enhancements, and a new map. Changes/fixes include:


Ammo handling tidied up

Metal for armourer is now an ammo typee

New KeyBinds system written

Grenade Spam Fix

Can no longer set yourself alight

Can no longer infect yourself

Various Access None fixes

Team Size added to HUD Team Score

Spy disguise HUD info fixed (we think)

HUD Team symbols force to transparency

New parameter for DisguiseAsTeam (auto selects enemy team)


Sniper rifle firing/zoom mechanism altered

Melee weapons range increased

Minigun power and accuracy tweaked


Tripmine Alignment fix

Frag grenade scaled up

Emp grenades now disable mortars


Sentry completely re-written (remove gun feature not yet working and hence has been disabled)

Scaling of sentry fire fixed

Scanner fixed

Sentry and Dispenser can now be dismantled

The mod weighs in at 26.3 MB and is available for download from

Unreal Fortress
Download Unreal Fortress Build 199 from MGF

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Archives  News  Unreal Fortress Build 199 Released