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Tuesday, November 21, 2000
GameSpy previews Oni
6:26 AM | Tom Bridge | Comment on this story

While Oni's seems to have been in developement since before the dawn of time, it looks like things are finally coming to a head over at Bungie West. GameSpy has produced a hands-on preview of Oni, giving us a unique point of view. Here's a brief excerpt:

On Jan. 29, gamers who like their action titles brimming with special moves, lengthy level investigations, and wide-eyed children getting electrocuted by evil spiky-haired henchmen, are likely to gravitate towards the simultaneous launch of all three Oni games - most likely identical versions on the PC, Mac, and PS2, and all of them starring the new first lady of action adventure, Konoko.

As she commences her 14-level mission on a search and rescue sortie to bring back her android sidekick (yes, this is set in the future), Oni displays not only a rock-solid 3D engine, but also a charismatic heroine without gargantuan oversized breasts and penchant for catacombs. Lara Croft is so 1990s, and Bungie are hoping Konoko is the face of the future.

Bungie has outdone themselves with this fanstatic three-platform simultaneous release, creating what seems to be a cinematic world that leaves poor Lara Croft out of a job. While we may have to wait until early 2001, a few more months seems a small pause compared to a long history of painful waiting.

IMG Oni First Look
Oni Preview at GameSpy

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