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Tuesday, November 21, 2000

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New Oni Images, Interview
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Harry Al-Shakarchi, the ultra-fan who runs the number one Oni fan page Oni Central , managed to score 16 exclusive screen shots and an in-depth interview with artist Lorraine Reyes, creator of the 'anime' box art and in-game art for Oni. The interview discusses her background and her thoughts on a number of subjects including: Amanda Winn-Lee (the voice actress behind the game's main character Konoko), AIC (The company doing cell animation cutscenes for Oni), Konoko's character and the future.

In the interview Lorraine also mentions that she is working as part of the Phoenix team, now that Oni is virtually finished. Reportedly, the Phoenix team is working on an unannounced strategy game based on the Halo engine, which will not be Myth III.

Besides the interview, the 16 new screen shots are probably some of the nicest we've seen so far. Oni recently went gold on the PC and should be hitting gold on the Mac very soon. It will be released by publisher Gathering of Developers January 29th, to capitalize on the media blitz for the PlayStation 2 version, which is expected to be a big hit.

IMG Oni Screenshot gallery
Bungie Studios
IMG News: Oni Is Gold For PC, Mac Soon
Oni Central's Interview
Oni Central's Oni Screenshots
Bungie Studios
Gathering of Developers
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Archives  News  New Oni Images, Interview