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Tuesday, April 3, 2007
Apple Games Features iPod Mini Golf
8:24 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games' latest feature showcases Mini Golf for the iPod. The game allows fifth generation iPod owners to test their putting skills on one of three provided courses, each with a unique theme. The feature includes an overview of the game and a few tips and tricks to give players an edge.

Mini Golf features three courses, each with a different theme: Tommy Totem’s Tiki Putt Putt, Cleopatra’s Mini Golf Oasis, and Krazy Klown’s Sideshow Golf-N-Fun. Attain a par score in the first one to unlock Cleopatra’s course, and then do the same there to unlock the third one. Each course offers not only a unique visual style but also the sounds of that environment, such as a carnival barker and clown music in the background at Krazy Klown’s Sideshow.

The game keeps track of the total number of holes you’ve played, your total holes-in-one, and your best round in each course. You can return to any difficult holes and practice them any time you want. If you’d like to challenge a friend to a game of golf, you can do so through pass-and-play mode, in which you play a hole and then hand your iPod to the other player for her turn.
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Apple Games: iPod Mini Golf

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