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Monday, April 2, 2007

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The Broken Hourglass: NPC Companion Update
12:04 PM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

The Broken Hourglass, Planewalker Games' upcoming fantasy RPG, has received its latest weekly update. This time interested readers learn about another potential NPC companion, a gladiator named Nekos. The Broken Hourglass will feature a multi-character party, strong storyline, and a variety of character building options.

Any long-time resident of Mal Nassrin knows the draw of the arena--many a dusk settles on the city with the crowd still roaring in appreciation of a marathon battle. But the spectacle has survived the test of time on its personalities as much as violence and escapism. Although the anonymous undercard combatants come and go, one name has stood out for years--Nekos.

As a gladiator, Nekos has a record of victories and titles unparalleled in the arena's history, including the last two Champion's Cup tournaments-feats which not only gave him the most Cup wins on record, but made him the oldest fighter ever to take the top prize. But he sees himself as more than just a champion gladiator. When he steps into the ring, he is part fighter, part orator-he has been known to lecture and engage the audience in topics ranging from the right way to tell uncooperative children bedtime stories, to the importance of saving money for lean times.
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The Broken Hourglass: Nekos, Hero of the People?
The Broken Hourglass

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Archives  News  The Broken Hourglass: NPC Companion Update