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Friday, March 30, 2007

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Prey Reviewed
1:17 PM | Cord Kruse | 5 comments

The Mac Observer recently reviewed Prey, Human Head Studios' unique first person shooter brought to the Mac by Aspyr Media. Players take the role of Tommy who fights to survive after malevolent aliens abduct him and his loved ones. Mac Observer gave the game a score of 4 out of 5.

From the review:

Human Head worked to set a creepy, foreign mood and pulled this off admirably with a blend of levels that combine both a techno-steel look with pulsating organic fixtures that rival anything found in the Quake or Doom series. The overall creepy/biological feel of the game is enhanced by picking up weapons that are essentially organic in nature. Small, crab-like aliens become grenades while tentacle-like appendages attach to an arm to become powerful weapons.

Where game play is concerned, Prey throws in some cool new elements such as a spirit form and "gravity tripping". With the spirit form, Tommy can learn to voluntarily leave his hovering body and walk around as a spirit form, equipped with a bow and arrow for weaponry. This helps move beyond otherwise impassable obstacles and provides a cool new way to think through a puzzle when necessary.

Gravity tripping was advertised as one of Prey's main bells and whistles and genuinely makes the game that much better. Simply fire at a gravity switch and the player's relative gravity will shift. While this doesn't help with fighting unless the player makes an effort to do so (suddenly being able to walk on a wall can offer new firing angles, etc.), this does offer new ways to traverse obstacles and work through a level.
Check out the entire review at the link below.

Mac Observer: Prey Review
Aspyr Media
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