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Thursday, March 15, 2007
Optimus Maximus Keyboard Unveiled
9:12 AM | Eddie Park | 1 comment

Readers may remember reports from a while ago regarding the development of the Optimus Keyboard. Developed by Art. Lebedev Studio, the keyboard's main draw was the fact that every key had its own display, allowing users to customize every key visually to their liking.

Following up on this creation, a version currently being readied for market called the Optimus Maximus has recently been unveiled. A 114-key input device, the Optimus Maximus features keys with 32x32 pixel full-color OLED displays that are user-replacable. The keyboard also functions as a mass storage device, allowing users to upload and edit layouts to their liking.

While the thought of such customization may have some gamers drooling, the powerful keyboard comes with a price point to match: $1,490 US dollars. The creators note that this keyboard is aimed at professionals, including linguists and video editors.

While the price may keep this keyboard out of reach of the average consumer, looking at the pictures online is perfectly free, and they're currently posted up in LiveJournal. A thread inviting interested people to ask questions is also available.

LJ - Life and Incredible Adventures of Optimus Keyboards

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Archives  News  Optimus Maximus Keyboard Unveiled