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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Ten Maxims for FPS Creators
11:55 AM | Eddie Park | 3 comments

Game Career Guide has posted an interesting feature on the elements of first-person shooters that can alternately make them successful or pedantic. Titled "Ten Maxims Every FPS Should Follow," the feature outlines ten critical points of FPS design that the authors feel every FPS should take into account.

The various maxims include titles such as "Get into the action early," "No one lives forever," and "Let the player realize their mistake and survive (sometimes)":

Giving the player the split-second to realize that they’ve made a mistake is often under-used, allow the player some freedom in using their judgment in deciding whether to charge, cover or run (even if they’re wrong).

Example: Halo. When Master Chief stumbles upon a room full of Elites, the player can beat a retreat and try to get one with a sticky grenade while the player reassesses the situation.

While the main author points out that the ten maxims are not meant to be rules, he does feel that their importance outweighs those of flash graphics, story, and even AI.

GCG - The Academic Word: Ten Maxims Every FPS Should Follow

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