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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
id Software Interview
1:29 PM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

GamesIndustry.biz recently interviewed id Software's director of business development, Steven Nix. Topics discussed include the importance of innovation to gamers, managing the development process, and the possibility of an MMO from id Software.

But technology aside, what are id's latest project plans? Will Nix's experience of producing episodic content come into play at id? "More than anything, gamers are driven by innovation - whether itís graphical innovation, or some sort of interesting gameplay innovation.

"And the thing is gameplay or technology innovation takes a long time," Nix added, observing that it can take up to two years to develop something truly significant.

"The problem with episodic is how do you make something really compelling gameplay-wise or technology-wise in that short of a window? I donít know how you do it - itís just really challenging.

"I think at the end of the day, gamers care more about those things than story."

Nix does believe that narrative is important, "But I donít think itís the key reason people buy a game." So id has no plans to produce episodic content? "We would have to see the model proven a little bit more." In the meantime, the company is working on a couple of "interesting new things that weíre going to be pursuing that weíre not even close to ready to talk about".
Click on the link below to check out the rest of Nix's comments.

GamesIndustry: id Game Plans
id Software

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