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Tuesday, February 6, 2007
TransGaming/NVIDIA Strike Mac Gaming Deal
7:38 AM | Tuncer Deniz | 12 comments

TransGaming, the company behind the Cider portability engine and NVIDIA today announced a deal they hope will lead to the release of more top-tier games to the Mac. TransGaming’s Cider portability engine technology eliminates the time and expense of porting Windows games to the Mac.

The collaboration will allow TransGaming's Cider to run high-level shaders created for Microsoft’s Direct3D platform using the NVIDIA CgFX framework. To accomplish this, TransGaming and NVIDIA have worked together to improve Cg in several areas, ranging from Effect (.fx) file compatibility through to performance, resulting in the ability to release more high-end games on the Mac with Cider.

”The collaboration between TransGaming and NVIDIA is an important step for Mac gaming. Our collaborative efforts with Cg provide a sophisticated alternative implementation of Direct3D compatible high level shaders on the Mac; this is important because Microsoft restricts the distribution of Direct3D on non-Microsoft platforms. We look forward to releasing many blockbuster titles this year with Cg”, stated Vikas Gupta, CEO & President of TransGaming.

NVIDIA’s work with TransGaming has greatly accelerated the development of the CgFX graphics system. TransGaming’s cross platform experience has allowed us to make CgFX more compatible with developer’s existing shader systems, and opens the door to a consistent developer model for deploying shader effects in different environments. The combination of Cider and Cg will give Mac gamers the best gaming experience possible and we’re pleased to be working with TransGaming to change the Mac gaming landscape”, said Roy Taylor, VP of Content Engagement for NVIDIA.

TransGaming's Cider is currently being used to bring titles such as Heroes of Might & Magic V and Myst Online: Uru Live to the Mac.

For more on Cider, follow the link below.


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