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Friday, January 19, 2007
iPod Texas Hold'em Reviewed
10:54 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Macworld UK has posted a review of Texas Hold'em for Apple's iPod. The game challenges players to win a high stakes poker tournament against a variety of computer generated players. Texas Hold'em managed a score of three stars from Macworld UK.

From the review:

Controlling the game is easy enough. You use the scroll wheel to increase or decrease the bet amount, and the Select button to perform most of the actions Ė confirming a bet or deciding your game action.

The competition varies depending upon the round. Some of the players have very obvious tells that, as in a real Poker game, could leave you losing your money very quickly. That said, in early rounds itís very easy to progress once youíve learned what each player does. The lack of any multiplayer option removes the possibility of competing against your friends, and so ultimately removes an element of challenge.

In terms of look and feel, Apple has got it right. Granted that the computer-controlled players get rather annoying after a while, but they do reflect a realistic mixture of players. As you progress through the tables, the game treats you to some music; you can turn this off but as with any other game of this type it tends to suit the game well.
Check out the full review at the site listed below.

Macworld UK: Texas Hold'em Review
Apple: iPod Games

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