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Thursday, November 16, 2000
So Much Oni
6:00 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

Until this week, new information on Bungie Studio's long-awaited shooter/combat title Oni was a rare find indeed, and many sites recycled the same screen shots and information over and over. Thankfully that drought has ended, with new screen shots posted on The Adrenaline Vault as well as IMG, and now ten new movies of Oni gameplay have been posted by Daily Radar. While the movies show an amazing amount of detail they are quite hefty in size, ranging between 3 and 14 MB. If the size of the download gives you pause, you might want to stop by Oni Ccentral for their in-depth descriptions of each movie to determine which ones are worth the download.

Also at Oni Central is a very interesting article describing how to draw the main character Konoko, created by none other than artist Lorraine Reyes. Lorraine is one of the lead artists for the Oni project and is responsible for all of the hand-drawn art in Oni's ads and box art. These lessons should be useful for anyone who wants to participate in the Gathering Of Developers fan art contest, which will award a free copy of Oni and two other G.o.D. games to the winner.

G.O.D. Fan Art Contest Details
How to Draw Konoko
Oni Gameplay Movies at Daily Radar

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