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Wednesday, November 15, 2000
Ambrosia Makes Games for Windows
9:03 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

Ambrosia Software's programming guru Ben Spees took some time to write up an interesting article for the newsletter The Ambrosia Times. In this short article he reveals an extremely interesting development with his upcoming game of racing and combat, called Ragnarok. Apparently Ragnarok will be the first Ambrosia game to be released for Windows as well as the Mac OS. While longtime Ambrosia fans may recoil with disgust at the thought of this, Ben defends his decision:

Thanks to Matt's [Ambrosia employee behind a set of networking tools] tireless efforts, the tools have now matured to a sufficient point that we are able to write games that will work on both Mac and Windows with relatively little effort. My new game, Ragnarok, will be the first to put that theory to the test. Ragnarok is a racing/combat game that focuses heavily on multiplayer mayhem. With this sort of game, you can never have too many opponents to blow up. So, our thinking went, what better source of mindless drones than the PC gaming community?
We all knew that PC gamers had to be good for something. In the article Ben also describes in great detail his experience developing for Windows, both good and bad. The good news from the article is that Ragnarok will also be fully carbonized so it can scream on the upcoming Mac OS X. Ambrosia fans should also check out the article to see several amazing new screen shots of the game. Expect Ragnarok to be streaking its way onto Mac and PC platforms in the near future.

Ben Spees on Cross-platform Ragnarok

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Archives  News  Ambrosia Makes Games for Windows