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Tuesday, November 14, 2000
Update on Freeverse Projects
10:22 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

Board game fanatics Freeverse has previously mentioned a new game they are working on: Arcane Arena will be a game that is targeted towards deathmatch fans, believe it or not! Although there hasn't been much information revealed about this mysterious title, we contacted Colin Lynch Smith to try and discover more details about this game.

From what he revealed, we know the game is progressing well, and they are aiming at a possible Summer release. They have also been releasing updates for many of their titles (which can be found on Macgamefiles.com) and their bridge game will be making an appearance soon. Here is his reply to our query:

ARCANE ARENA is progressing nicely, from what I hear... (Ian and Steve
haven't actually let me see the game in a while because they want me to be
amazed and see it from an unbiased perspective once all the graphics are in

We're still a looong way from release. Next Summer? maybe.

We've been releasing updates to the card games, Spades and Euchre are out
with Hearts and Set-back almost ready. Our Bridge game is almost finished
and that should be popular since there are a lot of bridge players out

We've also got an update for Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab in the works.

As soon as we get an update on Arcane Arena we will let you know; in the meantime you can check out their card and board games found on Macgamefiles; just type "Freeverse" in the Search field and hit return for an extensive and up-to-date list.


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