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Thursday, November 16, 2006
Big Bang Brain Games Previewed
10:13 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Applelinks has posted a preview of Big Bang Brain Games, the recently announced puzzle compilation from Freeverse Software. The set features Sudoku, Remembrance, Echo, Novasweeper, Reaction, and Fallacy; and offers a variety of brain teasing old favorites and new surprises.

From the preview:

As I mentioned, you'll be familiar with most of the games in this package. A couple, however, deserve a closer look. Although Echo is simply Simon (four lights flash and beep in a randomly increasing number, and you must repeat their pattern), Freeverse puts a literal spin on it. Every now and again, the lights (or planets, in this case) will shift position, forcing you to rely on color and sound to remember the sequence, rather than just position. Echo uses other tricks, as well, to knock you off balance. Luckily, it starts out simple, with the sequences not running very high before you advance to the next round. Eventually, you're released to just play until you blow it.

In Reaction, you're presented with grid and a number of molecules that grow each time you click on them. Eventually, they explode, sending pieces across the grid to the other molecules, which then grow each time they're hit with molecular shrapnel. The goal is to clear the grid of the molecules in as few moves as possible by strategically planning the explosions. Of course, the initial positioning of the molecules and the various obstacles in the way will greatly alter your strategies.

And in Fallacy, well, I can only say that it's not your typical quiz show. A good mind for trivia won't help you, here. What will help you is your ability to pay attention, as many of the logical fallacy questions will try to swerve you towards the wrong answer, and some don't even seem like questions at all. You could never have these questions on Jeopardy; the contestants wouldn't have time to get through round one.
Head over to Freeverse to learn more about Big Bang Brain Games, which is scheduled to ship in December. The full preview is available at the link below.

Applelinks: Big Bang Brain Games Preview

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