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Monday, November 13, 2000
Matrix Mod for Deus Ex
8:47 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Mac Deus Ex, a member of the IMG Network, has released The Matrix Mod, the first "mod" for the Macintosh version of Deus Ex. Based on the hit movie The Matrix, the mod allows you to run faster, jump higher and even dodge bullets. Here's more information about the mod from Deus Ex webmaster Robert Baird:

I've completed my work on "The Matrix" Mod for Macintosh. This mod mimics the movie with the same name, by increasing your mental capacity you can slow down the world around you. By simply turning on an augmentation you can run fast, jump across rooftops, and dodge bullets.

This mod was originally created for the PC version of Deus Ex by James Keeble. My part in the mod didn't involve much, just changing one file reference and a filename. I re-wrote the instructions to be Mac-friendly, I hope you understand them.
Be sure to head over to Mac Deus Ex to download the Matrix Mod.

Mac Deus Ex

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