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Friday, November 10, 2000

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AvP Update from Fox
10:11 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

While patient Mac users hold out hope for an eventual release of the unique shooter Aliens versus Predator, there is an update of sorts on the game's status. Our last contact earlier this week with the lead programmer on the project, Bill "Burger" Heineman, confirmed this title was 'final candidate' and was in quality testing at Fox Interactive. And now, a helpful IMG forum reader pointed us to a post on the Fox message boards with some more news from the company directly about the Mac version of this game. Here's what a spokesperson from Fox said in regards to AvP's release:

Hopefully youll be playing it (on) Thanksgiving, but we dont really have any exact date yet. It was scheduled for October 20, but obviously, the date has been pushed back. It is still scheduled for sometime this year, but for now it is TBD. Keep checking our website at www.foxinteractive.com or the AVP site www.avpnews.com for further updates.
TBD, we assume, means "to be determined." While we certainly hope they can meet the goal of Thanksgiving, we expect at the least to see this game in stores before Christmas time. Read through our preview of the game for more information on why we're still excited about this much-delayed Mac port.

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IMG Preview of Aliens versus Predator
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Fox Interactive
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