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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Pocket Gamer Launches iPod Games Section
11:25 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

In honor of Apple's recent release of several iPod games Pocket Gamer has launched a dedicated iPod section. To kick off the new section PG released four reviews and a guide to installing the games for those who are having difficulties. More reviews and iPod gaming news will be coming to the new section in the future.

From the reviews:

Zuma (9 out of 10):
It's all these features together that make Zuma a superb puzzle game, as you'll quickly graduate to the level where you're lining up combos and scanning the screen for coins and power-up balls to send your score rocketing. There's also plenty of depth, with more than a dozen levels to work through.

Texas Hold'em (8 out of 10):
We'll be honest, if you're a real poker buff this game will be more interesting for its novelty value on iPod than to provide a real challenge. But for those of us who are more casual poker players, Texas Hold'em is great fun, getting progressively more difficult as you move from tournament to tournament.

Mini Golf (8 out 10):
It's a slick, accessible game that shows off the iPod's capabilities as a gaming device. Part of this is down to its simplicity. You aim your shot using the scroll wheel, which works well, and then press your iPod's Select button to bring up a power bar, before pressing it again to hit your shot.

Pac-Man (6 out of 10):
Namco hasn't tried to jazz Pac-Man up for the iPod age, which will come as a relief to fans. We've got nothing bad to say about the accuracy of the conversion, particularly as it includes all 256 levels from the original. The problem is the controls. Pac-Man's need for sharp four-way movement just doesn't suit the iPod's scroll-wheel.

To check out the Pocket Gamer site and read the rest of the reviews click on the links below.

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Archives  News  Pocket Gamer Launches iPod Games Section