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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Online Cheater Interviewed
10:04 AM | Eddie Park | 14 comments

What was most likely originally meant to be a tongue-in-cheek riposte has turned into a full-blown news story, as an admitted online gaming cheater actually consented to answer a set of interview questions sent to him by a member of the gaming site Aeropause. One of the most reviled sorts of players in online gaming today, cheaters have probably been around as long as people have been playing games, and the interview provides an interesting look into the way the mind of cheater seems to work.

Aeropause: The rise of online gaming has had its share of hurdles and one of the greatest hurdles is getting rid of cheaters such as yourself. What advice would you give game designers to help discourage cheaters?

Schmuck5000: Give Up! There is no way to stop us. Everyone wants to cheat and we will always find a way to do it. Anyone reading this is simply jealous of the fact that I have enough nuts to cheat and play the game the way I want to.

The interview, which was unedited for spelling and grammar errors on the part of the interviewed subject, contains many other gems of information, including other ways this particular cheater justifies his immoral behavior while claiming that he still has the skill to beat anyone fairly.

Aeropause - Interview with a Cheater

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