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Wednesday, November 8, 2000

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Another Look at DS9: The Fallen
8:45 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Computer Games Online has played through a significant chunk of Simon & Schuster's upcoming Star Trek title Deep Space Nine: The Fallen and posted their impressions of the game. There are some comparisons and contrasts made with Raven's Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, but they note that the largest difference between the two is the ability to play as three of the main characters from the TV series. They go into detail about playing this solo game as Worf, Sisko, and Kira, so be sure to give it a read. Here's a clip with details:

Depending on which character you choose, you'll have a different game experience. Choose Captain Benjamin Sisko, for instance, and your first mission is to board a damaged Bajoran ship and rescue its surviving crewmembers from an alien menace. Play Major Kira Nerys, though, and you'll maneuver your shapely form through a Bajoran temple and environs, battling invaders and dodging air strikes. If you choose Lt. Commander Worf, though, your first task will be to defend USS Defiant, your ship, against an alien boarding party.
The differing storylines should greatly increase The Fallen's replayability, and this is just one of the reasons we're looking forward to this game later in the year. We hope to see the game actually released within the next month or so, but as gamers all know, "it's done when it's done."

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Archives  News  Another Look at DS9: The Fallen