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Monday, August 28, 2006
Louisiana Violent Game Ban Halted
12:59 PM | Eddie Park | 4 comments

According to Slashdot, a federal judge in Louisiana recently issued a preliminary injunction against a law written as a statewide ban on violent video games. Postings at GamePolitics note that Federal District Court Judge James Brady holds that "depictions of violence are entitled to full constitutional protection," adding that the state overlooked the fact that games are protected by free speech.

The law, which was apparently championed by the infamous Jack Thompson, was taken apart on a number of levels, including lack of solid evidence concerning violent games and violent behavior:

Defendants (Louisiana) contend that the legislative record contains social science evidence demonstrating that violent video games are harmful. It appears that much of the same evidence has been considered by numerous courts and in each case the connection was found to be tenuous and speculative...
Interestingly enough, GamePolitics also acquired a few emails from Thompson concerning reactions to the injunction by those supporting the law, which included some harsh words concerning the issue:
I'll help if there is a real commitment to win this thing. But the Governor is obviously not interested, as her office has ignored all my warnings that the preliminary injunction was going to be entered and that Foti's office as acting as if it couldn't care less. I don't put my shoulder to the wheel with people who don't care. Lives are at stake here, and it looks like the executive branch of the Louisiana government thinks this is one big joke.
Those interested in reading the judge's ruling, various other observances, and more of Thompson's reactions can find it in various GamePolitics blog postings.

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