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Tuesday, November 7, 2000

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More Starfleet Command II Previews
9:10 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Of all of the games MacPlay has announced it will be bringing to the Mac, the one with the least amount of pre-release hype is Starfleet Command II: Empires at War. The original title was released to the PC last year and while not considered a dud, it wasn't a runaway hit either. Both GameSpot and CGO have taken a look at this upcoming sequel, and why it hopes to succeed where its predecessor failed.

Breaking the dreaded bad-Star-Trek game curse is difficult, but with upcoming titles like Elite Force, The Fallen, and now Starfleet Command II, Mac trekkies should hope for some very fun gameplay. Here's a sample from the GameSpy preview explaining more about the storyline:

The Starfleet Command games take place in an alternate Star Trek history, which differs from the one presented in the original TV series in ways that have let the designers introduce more compelling political threats and a wider array of starships for each race. The new game's storyline revolves around two new races, the ISC and the Mirak, each situated on opposite ends of the charted galaxy. The game's two campaigns contain about 60 branching story-based missions in addition to 24 encounters that are focused on grabbing and defending territory. One campaign challenges you - as captain for one of the six established powers - to contain the threat of the ISC, a militaristic race that has decided to pacify the galaxy. The other campaign lets you side with the Mirak, a savage feline race with powerful missile-based ships.
It's great to have such a strong new force like MacPlay porting A-titles to the Mac. IMG will be bringing you more on Starfleet Command II soon, so stay tuned.

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Starfleet Command II

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