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Tuesday, November 7, 2000

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Cro-Mag Rally Update
8:44 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

As Cro-Mag Rally heads into the final stages of production, we spoke with Pangea's president Brian Greenstone about the game. Production is going smoothly, according to Greenstone, and the game should start shipping on the 16th, one week from tomorrow. He said pre-orders are already going well, and they are expected to be even better after the demo is released on Monday. If you head over to Pangea's site right now, you can get the game as soon as it's available with free next-day shipping. There is still no word on whether you will find Cro-Mag Rally in retails stores like CompUSA or Electronics Boutique, or if any sort of bundle with Apple might be worked out. We'll keep you posted if anything changes on those fronts.

With a surprisingly light-hearted and casual article Apple has gotten into the prehistoric action on their games site, posting a short piece which also talks with Greenstone and a few of the other team members. Apple and Pangea have worked very closely in the past; as you might remember, both Nanosaur and Bugdom, previous Pangea titles, became 'showcase' titles bundled with the iMac and iBook series. Here's an excerpt from the article:

Brian Greenstone could be described as the Macintosh videogame industry’s Kevin Smith. Not that the subject matter of his games is the same as the subject matter of Smith’s films, of course. The point of the comparison is that, no matter how successful Greenstone has been, he chooses to remain an independent guy adhering to his own vision, just like Smith.

Perhaps his experiences in the videogame industry fueled the creation of his latest game, Cro-Mag Rally. In it, you play a simple-minded caveman (or a simple-minded cavewoman — this is an equal opportunity game) who races in various cars made of rocks and sticks around tracks which range from canyons through a desert to the fabled underwater city of Atlantis.

For much more information, check out the official CMR web site or read through IMG's preview. Watch for a demo of Cro-Mag Rally to be released quite soon after the game is finished.

Apple Cro-Mag Rally Article
Cro-Mag Rally Web Site
IMG Preview of Cro-Mag Rally
Pangea Software
Cro-Mag Rally

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