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Wednesday, August 9, 2006
Eschalon: Book 1 Interview
9:03 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

RPG Vault has posted a new interview with Basilisk Games about Eschalon: Book 1, their upcoming turn based RPG which the company hopes will recapture the fun of role playing classics from the past. Thomas Riegsecker, the game's lead developer, discusses a variety of Eschalon's features including skills, character creation, and the combat system.

Jonric: What kind of combat system will Eschalon: Book I have in terms of the aspects it emphasizes and the type of play experience it will provide? Aside from fighting, will you have any puzzles or mini-games?

Thomas Riegsecker: Book I's combat is turn-based, but the duration of a turn is governed by your character's Speed attribute. As it increases, the time it takes to cast a spell or swing a sword decreases, allowing you perform more turns in the same span of time than a slower opponent would be able to. So, in some ways, the game can play out with a very action-like feel, but at its core, it is still turn-based and strategy-centric.

Early on, simple battles might be won by just clicking away on your opponent, but eventually, you'll have to approach combat with a lot more thought to be successful. With traditional melee combat, bows and thrown weapons, offensive and defensive spells, and factors to consider such as range, line of sight and visibility, combat offers considerable opportunity for strategy.

No mini games... just the traditional assortment of puzzles, traps and riddles to figure out. :)

To read the rest of the interview, and check out some screenshots of the game, click on the link below.

RPG Vault: Eschalon Book 1 Interivew
Eschalon: Book 1
Basilisk Games

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