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Tuesday, August 8, 2006
Neverwinter Nights Beta Patch Released
10:57 AM | Eddie Park | 3 comments

BioWare and MacSoft have released a new patch for their D&D-based RPG Neverwinter Nights. Still considered to be in beta status at version 1.68 Beta 2, the patch fixes a few bugs as well as adds new functionalities for scripting and custom content.

A few of the additions are as follows:

  • Added visible cloaks to the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the Monk's Perfect Self feat not correctly reporting that the monk was immune when making saving throws against mind-affecting spells (was making Phantasmal Killer work on monks if they failed their saving throws).
  • Fixed an issue with the sleep spell not being counted as a hostile action when cast (nw_s0_sleep.nss).
  • Fixed range issue in spell "Mestil's Acid Breath" (X2_S0_AcidBrth.nss).
BioWare cautions users that any modules created under the 1.68 version will not run on earlier versions. For those that wish to roll their versions back, a 1.68 to 1.67 patch tool is also available.

The 1.68 beta patch is available both from BioWare and MacGameFiles.

MGF - Neverwinter Nights 1.68b2
BioWare - Mac Beta Patches
Neverwinter Nights
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Archives  News  Neverwinter Nights Beta Patch Released