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Monday, November 6, 2000
"Bad Milk" Debuts
2:51 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Dreaming Media LLC has released their first CD-ROM game, entitled Bad Milk. A mix of multimedia, puzzles and video artwork, this interactive title promises to be an original and intriguing experience. Although the genre of 'interactive art' never really took hold (thus the demise of Interact, CyberFlix, Voyager and many other companies) this area of gaming still has much to offer. Here are excerpts from the press release:

Don't drink it, play it. "Bad Milk" is your passage into the Skolnick
brothers' purgatory of unsettling images and confounding puzzles. To begin
this interactive video art game, take a virtual sip of coffee tainted with
spoiled milk and slip into a dark abyss populated by haunting characters.
That dismembered bald head? It's the unwitting gamester's only escape to a
new life. Along the way, meet a disembodied voice, a drowning man, and
chronic smokers who provide hints to beat mystifying challenges.

Bad Milk is the first production of DREAMING MEDIA LLC, a company formed by
Mick and Ted Skolnick in November 1999 to promote their vision of a new kind
of entertainment. To be released in CD rom October 12, 2000, the game
loosely falls into the "wander and wonder" genre popularized by Myst. It's
also an exhibit of interactive, avante guarde video art.

"We wanted to create video installation art but couldn't afford loft space
in New York City. So instead we built virtual installations and worked out
of our apartments in Queens," says Ted, a software veteran who gave up his
job at a major financial website to pursue his dream.

The game involves solving a series of interactive video puzzles, sometimes
in complete darkness with only hearing and virtual touch as guides, and at
other times by pushing, pulling and exploring pieces of the video art until
another part of the puzzle is solved. The game player controls the
revolutions of the bald head, as well as its facial hair growth; and uses
innovative technology to manipulate the video and, for example, move a live
person as if that person were a puppet. It's a difficult passage, but the
prize makes it all worthwhile:
virtual rebirth, peering into to the eyes of two obstetricians that welcome
the newborn player back into the world.

Visit the Dreaming Media web site for more details and to order this game.

Dreaming Media LLC

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