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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

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The Starcraft Conundrum
8:31 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Blizzplanet is offering an examination of Blizzard Entertainment's ever popular real time strategy game, Starcraft. The Starcraft Conundrum discusses the disappointment over the perpetually-in-limbo Starcraft: Ghost, takes a look at some of the game's official lore, and closes with a glimpse of two fan creations which promise to add to the game's already devoted following.

First, we have the Project Revolution - a Total Conversion that will allow fans to play Starcraft in 3D using the Warcraft 3 Engine. It will be featured on PCGamer Magazine on September 2006 issue. A total conversion made by fans for fans, worth to get our paws onto. I was shown a short gameplay video a couple months ago. Trust me ... it looks gorgeous in 3D. A tank going siege-mode, blasting some marines and firebats. The Firebats flame-on attack animation is just awesome! Its release is not too far away, according to one of its developers. Wait and see!

The second fan-made Starcraft project to keep an eye on is Starcraft® Chronicles - a high-quality CGI Film. The news of a unofficial fan-made CGI Animation Film surely hyped up many fans when Joystiq and Kotaku featured it on the news. Immediately the leader of the project was swamped with 160 emails of 3D modellers, animators, voice actors, Sound/Music Composers volunteering themselves for the CGI Film. Even Hollywood film/CGI professionals became interested, and excited in volunteering to make their dream of a fan-made CGI Animation film a reality. From day one, the Starcraft Chronicles leader- Croatian Kristijan Stuhli - said the film will be non-profit and none of the volunteers will be paid - to not violate the EULA or infringe international copyrights and trademark of Starcraft®.
The full article can be found at the link below.

Blizzplanet: The Starcraft Conundrum
Blizzard Entertainment

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