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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

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Myst IV Revelation Reviewed
8:31 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

A new review from focuses on the PC version of Myst IV: Revelation. The fourth in the popular puzzle solving series, Myst IV offers the head scratching puzzle solving fans have come to expect. GamersInfo called Myst IV "a beautiful adventure of exploration" which offers a challenge for the mind rather than the reflexes.

The added camera feature is a definite plus, considering you never have to jot down any details you find on screen again. You can merely take a snapshot and have it saved in your album. With the beautiful scenery that is always constant in all the Myst series, taking pictures for pleasure is fun as well. The acting is well done, and itís not just voice actors but the actors themselves are telling the story. The main draw to the Myst series is that it is all very lifelike and the visuals are just stunning. With over an hour of full motion video, itís no wonder that Myst IV comes with two DVD roms but the quality and presentation easily explain why.

The musical score was composed by Jack Wall, also the composer for the previous Myst III: Exile. The music is fitting, creating that special ambience that really brings you into the world and enhances the game. A certain mood accompanies every scene that youíre in, whether itís peaceful and calm, or mysterious and eerie. Sounds effects are very crisp and clear, like everything else in the game, there was a lot of care that went into the design and look of the game. Any movement or animation when itís not a video is subtle, sometimes it could just be a flowing waterfall, or maybe a bird that flies by. It makes you feel like youíre in an age that is very much alive. Sometimes in a dark room or desolate age, you can feel very alone and sometimes itís quite creepy if you decide to play late at night.

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Gamers Info: Myst IV Revelations Review
Myst IV Revelation
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