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Monday, November 6, 2000
Open Source at iDevGames.com
10:28 AM | Tom Bridge | Comment on this story

While the Mac game schedule is quite full for the next six to eight months, there is one area in which Mac gaming has always lacked: Mac-first, original titles. Carlos Camacho's site iDevGames.com is trying to make sure that there is more to Mac gaming's future than just PC ports; iDevGames.com has been updated to become a vault for open-source code, for Mac programmers to take and use at their discretion.

From Carlos' article at MacSlash:

I hope that having a large selection of source code for new programmers to look at will help increase their knowledge and lead to more games on the Mac. Commercial developers should also take heed, and follow in the footsteps of Pangea Software, iD Software, and Bungie by releasing source to their older games that are no longer on the market. Because A.) It creates goodwill towards your company B.) You are helping to train a new generation of Mac programmers, that just may be your next employee.
So if you've got some code you're particularly proud of that is just collecting dust in your hard drive, post it on iDevGames. Or if you're hard at work on your latest venture, feel free to leaf through the source-code of such games as Marathon 2 or Wolfenstein 3D to get new ideas -- just be sure and respect the licences under which these games were released.

MacSlash Article on iDevGames.com

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