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Thursday, July 27, 2006
ATI Responds to nVidia Remarks
10:28 AM | Eddie Park | 6 comments

Shortly after the public announcement of the merger between ATI and AMD, nVidia's self-crowning response, which included unflattering comparisons to 3dfx, made its way with typical alacrity across the net. Following up on those remarks, Firing Squad has landed several counterremarks from ATI, including information on future development for Intel processors.

ATI had this to say regarding their views on nVidia:

Nvidia has seen the writing on the wall, and doesn't like what it's saying. The PC market is a tough place to be without any friends. ATI now has all the resources of AMD behind it, and will be producing faster, more compact GPUs and reaching the channel more effectively than ever before. Nvidia's words are bravado, designed to confuse the market while the company tries to find a way to compete now that it's standing alone.
As far as Intel goes, ATI has reaffirmed its commitment, along with AMD's CEO Hector Ruiz, that they are still firmly committed to creating GPUs for the Intel platform. In addition, they dismiss the rumor of Intel's pulling of ATI's chipset license as completely false.

Firing Squad - ATI Responds To AMD Post-Takeover Rumors

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