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Monday, November 6, 2000
Jinn Site Update
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Recently, the web page of the hotly anticipated Myth II total conversion Jinn received a face-lift. Along with new shots, concept art and additions to the character page, the site also sports three new screen shots; the page notes that these will be the last screen shots posted, which may be a cryptic way of saying that this mod is close to release.

Jinn is an entirely new solo game for Myth II: Soulblighter, with several multiplayer maps included. Featuring all new characters, maps and textures, this total conversion is the work of the Vista Cartel, makers of many memorable Myth II add-ons such as the famous If I Had a Yeti... map and the graphics editor Amber. Check out the Jinn web site for more information and the Vista Cartel site for some of their amazing maps. When this TC arrives, the best (and most likely first) place you will find it is at The Mill.

The Mill
Vista Cartel

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