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Thursday, July 20, 2006

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World of Warcraft: The Card Game
9:23 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

For those few World of Warcraft fans who have any free time to spare when not playing the game, Blizzard Entertainment and Upper Deck Entertainment have introduced the official World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. Players can jump into the action with a "Heroes of Azeroth" starter kit which features a 33 card deck focusing on one of nine character classes, three epic character cards, two booster packs, and a rulebook. Those looking to add more cards to the mix will be able to buy Raid Deck Expansion packs.

To entice online WoW players to check out the new tabletop game, and potentially lead fans of the card game into the online world, Upper Deck has added special loot and resource cards to the mix which will offer online players unique items to use with their favorite characters, and the chance to trade in resource codes to buy more WoW items at Upper Deck's online store.

Speaking of rewards, there are going to be some very cool items in the MMO that youíll only be able to get through special loot cards from the TCG. Iíve been involved in all of the meetings about them, and Iím already looking forward to getting my hands on them for my characters. For those of you who are afraid of the eBay effect, donít worry, all items from the loot cards will be cosmetic and wonít have any game function (outside of making you the envy of your entire server). On top of the loot cards in some packs, every pack will contain a resource card. These resource cards will have codes you can enter online, and once you get enough resources, youíll be able to spend them to buy items from our online store, including even more unique cosmetic items for your character in-game.

These arenít the only ways to get cool-looking stuff, either. The artists weíve recruited to do cards for our game are second to none. Todd McFarlane, Jeff Easley, Larry Elmore, Rebecca Guay, Ladronn, Arthur Suydam, and Blizzardís own Samwise, Glenn Rane, and Justin Thavirat all did pieces for the first set. As the R&D member responsible for looking over the art, I can tell you that thereís some amazing stuff in there. Weíre even reaching out to the community, finding the best Blizzard fan artists and recruiting them to do pieces for us, so if youíve got a knack for painting Orcs and Night Elves, you might get your art on a WoW TCG card one day.

Interviews with the game's creators, sample artwork, artist profiles, and a variety of other information can be found at the official site linked below.

WoW: The Card Game
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