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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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Halo's Music
9:45 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

BBC News recently interviewed Marty O'Donnell, Bungie's audio editor, about the music which helped to make Halo a successful game series. Currently preparing for Halo 3, O'Donnell discussed the pressure to produce quality music and the creation of a mood through sound.

"In 1999 when we did the first piece of music for Halo for MacWorld, I wanted to make a big, impactful statement.

"I wanted to make sure I had a couple of nice hooky kind of themes that I could refer back to. But I did not know if they were going to work.

"But at that point there was no Master Chief yet, no star of Halo. It was sort of a concept of a place.

"I think the words were epic, mysterious, ancient, something like that. I put my own interpretation on it; epic meant big orchestra, mysterious would be some of the effects, some of the middle eastern chant and ancient was Gregorian monk type feel.

"To me now it is a matter of ' can I do it without boring people'? Can I do it without people saying 'oh that again'?"

You can read the rest of the article at the link listed below.

BBC News: The Music Of Halo
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