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Monday, November 6, 2000

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Halo, Oni Updates
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Matt Soell of Bungie Studios has made his weekly updates of that company's progress on two upcoming titles, Halo and Oni. While Halo's final release date on any platform is unknown, Oni will supposedly ship for Mac and PC this January. Here is an excerpt of Matt's short update on Oni's status, at Oni Central:

- PC version is at Final Candidate 13, and by the time you read this we'll probably be at FC 14. The Mac version is at Beta 2. Those of you curious about the disparity must understand that the current Mac beta uses the same data files as FC 12 on the PC. The mood of the Oni team is jubilant. The game looks and plays great.
For more details on Oni, be sure and visit Oni Central.

Matt is also the self-appointed news source for information on Halo, Bungie's mysterious shooter which has been under wraps for almost three years now. The actual gameplay of this title has never been discussed or demonstrated, so at this point Matt is discussing level design, and is making his updates to Here is an excerpt:

- Marcus showed me one of the interiors hes working on. The interiors are put together in a very rough form just enough to get the basic outlines of the space down and then refined. Over the course of this process, the level transforms from something that looks like it could have come out of Marathon into...well, into a level that looks like it came out of Halo. The artists are testing out how big the levels can be, what sort of balance to strike between geometric and textural complexity, that sort of thing. The level Marcus showed me was HUGE: we looked over a ledge and saw an enormous underground labyrinth. is a great source of Halo news and information.

Oni will come to the Mac OS this January from Gathering of Developers, with the launch of the PC and Playstation 2 versions. Halo is supposedly due some time after the release of Microsoft's X-Box console, which could be at least a year or more away. Peter Tampte's unnamed company will be porting the Mac OS version.

Oni Update at Oni Central
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Bungie Studios
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