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Thursday, July 13, 2006

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Apple Features Civilization IV
9:54 AM | Anthony Wang | Comment on this story

Apple has posted a feature on Civilization IV, the latest installment of the popular turn based strategy games franchise. For the first time ever, experience Civilization from nomadic villages to futuristic cities in an all new 3D gaming world, religion, and many other new additions. In addition to outlining the entire game including civilizations, tips, and civics, the feature also has commentary by Barry Caudill, the game's executive producer.

“We had always shied away from religion because it is a potential hot-button issue,” acknowledges Caudill. “But our lead designer, Soren Johnson, decided he wanted to take a run at adding religion, so we started looking at it seriously for the first time ever. One of the keys to integrating religion into the game successfully was that we treated all religions equally, without giving any impression of one being better or worse than another.”

He adds: “Another key was finding a way to simplify the system so that it felt natural and fun, without being overly complex. We finally settled on the current system that has a passive spread of religion coupled with the player’s ability to ‘push’ religion with the use of missionaries.”

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