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Friday, November 3, 2000
Quake 3: Fortress Updated
7:35 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The official Quake 3: Fortress page has been updated with word of the release of Beta 1G of the popular Q3A mod. There are a number of fixes to the previous recent 1F version of the mod, and the team has given special thanks to the Mac irc crew for their testing help. Here's a clip from the site explaining what has changed:

Features and Commands

Added recompiled version of q3f_forts which reverts to normal backpacks and the 1e version of the flag take alert sound effect

Added 'g_banRules' to provide server administrators with better control over banning on their servers

Added new skin for Pulse Grenade (missing from 1F)


1. Fixed bug where DeathCleanup wasn't called on a respawn by a target_respawn

2. Q3CTF Emulation cappoint now gives a teamscore of 10.

Miscellaneous Adjustments

Grayed-out the 'Add Bot' option in ingame esc menu (there are no bots in 1f or 1G)

Stopped grenades bouncing straight up when a client dropped them when killed and had a primed grenade

3. Updated q3f_gotduck.mpi file (suggested team sizes)


Fixed bug in crc code that caused a different crc value to be returned from Apple Macs (resulted in a ban when connecting to server)

Stopped spectators being able to access commands not meant for spectator use (such as \special)

3. Fixed a bug causing mass disconnects when a player changed his userinfo while in chase or follow spectator mode

Fixed bug in authentication code that resulted in an auth timeout (client would get banned shortly after map start)

Fixed bug that stopped two player sounds for medium classes from being played

Fixed bug that where a client would join an invalid team when the player had been a member of a team on a previous map that no loger exists

Fixed bug where you got hurt when shooting a corpse when mirrordamage was enabled

8. Fixed bug where you couldn't gib a corpse when mirrordamage was enabled

9. Fixed bug where 'cg_ScoreSnapshot' took the screenshot before the scoreboard was drawn at times

The update is under 3MB, so be sure to grab it and then start playing away at this popular version of the Team Fortress gamestyle.

Download Beta1G (2.4MB) - requires all previous betas to be installed
Quake 3: Fortress Web Site

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